Happiness is….

Sometimes we have to look at everything that surrounds us, even the little things to fill us up with joy.

These are just a few of mine…

The ocean on a clear day.


Sunrise in winter.


Grey skies, and raindrops during winter.




The city lights at night.


Red velvet cupcakes ♥

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
― Guillaume Apollinaire


Before the sun

The lights are dim

The music is loud

She doesn’t know these people, so she steps away from the crowd.

He sees her from across the room

She doesn’t belong

Moving towards her, he knows this won’t take long.

This is why he’s here

He came to have some fun

He’ll have his way and leave before the sun.

Dark haired girl standing in the corner

what’s your religion?

She looks at the dancing fools

Not one of them worthy

He thinks she’s scared, she’s not

She’s bored as fuck

Turning to leave, but she knows he’ll follow

Wrapped around her are the invisible tendrils of darkness

They wait.. To devour

Dark haired boy

What’s your religion?

Say your prayers

She reeks evil

This is why she’s here

She came to have some fun

she’ll have her way and he’ll die before the sun. 

Happy Friday

It’s finally Friday!

For some, it’s the last working day of the week. The start of the weekend. Unfortunately, I have to work on a Saturday, but….South Africans will be celebrating Freedom Day on the 27th of April, commemorating 21 years since the first democratic elections in South Africa. Which means a longer weekend! People around the world can celebrate their freedom on any day.

Embrace freedom.

  1. We are free to love.
  2. We are free to read, write, learn and to share our knowledge with others.
  3. We are free to be creative and speak about our ideas.
  4. We are free to live a healthy lifestyle.
  5. We are free to have fun, laugh and just enjoy life with our friends and family.

Life throws challenges our way everyday. We have to be grateful for the freedom that we have, and be free to think and live the way we choose.

I hope that everyone has a blessed, awesome weekend.

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.” – William Faulker



The clock ticks

Every second, every minute

It’s thirty minutes past midnight

I’m still awake

I’m still wide awake

My mind is filled with thoughts

thoughts of him

thoughts of life

I close my eyes and hope for sleep

I try to let go of the overthinking

seconds of blankness

Then it starts again

Minutes turn into hours

The night fades

The morning rises

and I’m still awake

still wide awake



As great and as beautiful as love is
Love lead you on and on
And break you down
And break the inner most best of you
And turned you into a more careful being
In loving anyone again
Love they say revive and awaken the sensitive side of anyone
But I say love is a medication for some
And a destructive illness to some
As great and as beautiful as love is
Love breaks your heart like a broken glass
Love in my humble opinion is a broken glass
Love live and breath in everyone of us
As great and as beautiful as love is

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Not enough time

So many words
Not enough time to say
Take me in your arms
Hold me close

Let this love shine through the darkness
We’ll dance to the sound of the rain

So many questions
Not enough time to ask
Kiss away the doubt
Kiss me like it’s our last

Hours feels like seconds
Not enough time to be
I can feel you
Can you feel me?

I’ll surrender all I have
Just to feel this again

Don’t make me sleep alone
Take me away to your world
Just for tonight
Give me the sweetest memory
Let it last for eternity

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